Suzuki ranked no.1 for reliability by WhatCar? readers

Suzuki has been rated as the number one car brand in the 2023 WhatCar? Reliability Survey. 

The survey, in which 25,000 readers reported on their own car ownership experiences, ranked Suzuki in top spot out of the 30 manufacturers that were measured. Suzuki came away with a highly impressive approval rating of 94.7%! 

WhatCar? readers took into consideration their ownership experiences of cars aged between six and 20 years old.

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Two Suzuki models featured in the top 10 most reliable cars too. The Vitara, which was launched in 2015, was ranked the second most reliable car in the small SUV category with a score of 99.3%. Only 6% of Vitara drivers reported any faults with the car during their ownership. Most importantly, all cars could still be driven, and the repairs were minor enough to be completed in the same day. 

The Swift model that was in production 2010-'17 followed very close behind the Vitara, with a 98.1% score. 

Consumer Editor of WhatCar?, Claire Evans, said: “The Swift has got a lot going for it, including great driving manners, a reasonable amount of space, and a high rating for safety. Like other Suzuki models, it's also bullet proof, even as it ages. 

“Only 6% of the Swifts in our survey developed a fault, and the battery was the only component affected. All cars could still be driven, half were fixed in less than a day, and no repair bills exceeded £100.”

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This year saw the launch of Suzuki Service Activated Warranty. This allows Suzuki drivers to extend their warranty deal by 12 months when booking their annual service with a Suzuki Authorised Repairer, such as Chapelhouse. 

The warranty stays in place until the next qualifying service, and then is simply renewed again. The Service Activated Warranty can be used on a Suzuki car up to a maximum vehicle age of seven years, or 100,000 miles driven - whichever comes first. 

Service Activated Warranty

Extend your warranty plan up to a maximum vehicle age of seven years when your Suzuki is serviced with a Suzuki Authorised Repairer.

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