Suzuki unveils the all-new Swift

Suzuki has unveiled the all-new Swift - coming in Spring 2024! 

The iconic hatchback has a dramatic redesign, both inside and out. While maintaining its signature look, the all-new Swift exudes confidence and adventure with a stylish new piano-black grille. The L-shaped signature LED headlamps flow into rounded shoulder lines that are highlighted by flared fenders.

The all-new Suzuki Swift also boasts muscular contours that trace its profile, while the floating roof design adds a sense of lightness. 

To the rear, the three-dimensional combination lamps, and wide rear bumper, give the all-new Swift a stable yet playful look that stands out on the road. 

The new Swift is available in eight single-tone colours, plus four dual-tone paint options. New colours include Cool Yellow Metallic and Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic.

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Hybrid as standard

New Swift - new engine!

The all-new Swift features enhancements under the bonnet too, with a new 1.2L petrol 3-cylinder engine. The 12V mild hybrid system has also had an upgrade, promising improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Higher low-speed torque also provides greater responsiveness and overall performance.

On the inside, the all-new Swift offers a spacious and comfortable cabin, equipped with ergonomic features to elevate your driving experience. The redesigned wraparound, dual-tone black and light-grey dashboard and front door trim gives the cabin a dynamic, sporty feel. .

The 9-inch HD touchscreen delivers a quick and accurate response, with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto linkage capabilities, plus voice recognition and Bluetooth. 

Suzuki Connect is available in the Swift for the first time too. The Suzuki Connect app keeps you connected to your Swift in real time, via your smartphone. Major functions include Parked Car Locator, Security Notifications, Warning Light Notifications, Driving History, and Geofencing and Curfew Alert.

Suzuki Connect App

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Suzuki's cutting-edge technology doesn't just stop there. The all-new Swift features a full range of Suzuki's advanced safety features. 

Dual Sensor Brake Support II uses a millimetre-wave radar monocular camera to detect other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians in front of the Swift. If a collision seems possible, audio and visual warnings attract the driver's attention. If the driver doesn't brake with enough force, the brake assist system will automatically engage to help slow the vehicle.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA) helps maintain the driver's position in the centre of the lane when the adaptive cruise control has been activated. If it detects the car veering into another lane with the possibility of a collision, the LKA provides steering assistance to help maintain a safe distance.

The Driver Monitoring System uses a camera built into the instrument panel to monitor the driver's eyes and face. If it detects that the driver is drowsy, falling asleep, or simply not paying attention to the road ahead, it will sound a warning system and display an alert message on the information display panel. 

ALLGRIP Auto is Suzuki's 4 wheel drive system. It engages automatically when it detects loss of front wheel traction. When slippage from the front wheels does occur, the 4x4 system transfers torque from the rear wheels to assist, providing additional traction on wet, icy or snow-covered roads. 

Other state of the art safety features on the all-new Swift includes Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and eCall.

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