What is Suzuki ALLGRIP and how does it work?

Suzuki has been producing quality 4x4 cars for over 50 years. With all this experience, the Japanese manufacturer has redefined its four-wheel drive technology - what is now known as ALLGRIP. 

The primary function of Suzuki ALLGRIP is to increase traction for less than perfect driving conditions, so that you have the smoothest driving experience even on the rockiest of road surfaces. 

Not only does ALLGRIP work well in off-road situations, but it maximises fuel efficiency and performance when travelling on the road in good driving conditions.

The ALLGRIP system has been designed specifically to fit in a range of different Suzuki models, from the Ignis to the Jimny. The relatively lightweight 4x4 system means that there are minimal changes to the fuel economy and carbon emissions. ALLGRIP provides more enjoyment and easier driving to put you at ease in the most trying of adverse weather conditions. .


ALLGRIP Auto is available in the Ignis and it works exactly how it states - automatically. 

A model like the Ignis wasn't designed specifically for off-road driving, so the ALLGRIP Auto system comes into its element on wet and icy roads. If you were to be pulling out of a junction on a slippery road on an incline and the system detects the front wheels losing grip, it will seamlessly select to switch to four-wheel drive.

There is no need to change how you normally drive and you might not even realise when the ALLGRIP Auto system has kicked in. 

The Grip Control function in ALLGRIP Auto is exclusive to the Ignis range. It quickly applies the brake to any slipping wheels while focussing drive power on the wheels that do need that extra grip. It improves performance by using traction control to limit any loss of engine torque.

Suzuki Ignis ALLGRIP
Suzuki Swift ALLGRIP


ALLGRIP Select is the electronically controlled four-wheel driving system that can be found in the Suzuki Vitara and all-new S-Cross range. You can choose from four different driving modes that each work to best manage a variety of conditions and terrains. 

Auto mode - This works in the same way that ALLGRIP Auto does. The car runs normally in two-wheel drive mode to prioritise fuel efficiency until wheel slippage is detected. The system switches to 4WD automatically to provide greater stability. 

Sport mode - This mode optimises the vehicle for driving on winding roads with sharp bends where you need sharper reactions. The traction control intervention is weakened to give you better acceleration response when tackling those tight corners. 

Snow mode - Snow mode does exactly what it says on the tin - it provides early automatic 4WD engagement for optimum traction when driving in wintry weather. Stability is maximised through traction control intervention, and a permanent 50/50 torque is split between the front and rear wheels, meaning a safer ride and peace of mind. 

Lock mode - Lock mode has four-wheel drive locked in all the time. Torque is distributed evenly throughout all four wheels for maximum traction on uneven surfaces. The system applies braking to wheels that are spinning without traction and gives extra torque to the wheels that do have grip to power you out of any tricky spot. .

Suzuki Vitara ALLGRIP
All-new Suzuki S-Cross ALLGRIP


You can find ALLGRIP Pro exclusively in the Suzuki Jimny. The Jimny is built for off-roading with its 210mm ground clearance. 

This version of AllGRIP has its own low-range transfer gear stick so that you can decide quickly to shift between modes. 4L mode is made for 4WD driving in a low gear and gives you maximum torque and better grip on the unsteadies of surfaces at lower speeds. 

The Jimny has been a long-time staple of Suzuki's 4x4 prowess and shows no signs of slowing down. .

Suzuki Jimny 4x4 ALLGRIP
Suzuki Jimny 4x4 ALLGRIP

What about the Suzuki Across?

There is one Suzuki four-wheel drive model that we haven't mentioned - the Suzuki Across plug-in hybrid SUV. 

The Across has its own advanced four-wheel drive system, known as E-Four, designed specifically to accommodate the size of the large SUV and its plug-in hybrid capabilities. 

The state-of-the-art E-Four electronic 4WD system ensures efficient and effective 4x4 performance for confidence inspiring handling and the tightest control in the harshest of conditions. 

The system features an independent 40kW motor that sits in the rear of the Across which works together with the motor in the front to provide a variation of torque that can switch from ratios of 100:00 to 20:80 (front to back).

Suzuki Across PHEV 4x4
Suzuki Across PHEV 4x4