Suzuki Swace upgrade for 2023

Suzuki is relaunching its full hybrid Swace estate car, with significant changes to the engine and hybrid system, and is expected to hit Suzuki showrooms this Spring. 

The upgraded model features a more powerful engine, with enhanced safety features and specification. The Swace now comes with two model trims - Motion and Ultra - and starts at just £28,999. 

The Swace's upgrade includes a powerful 1.8-litre petrol engine. It has been exclusively designed for hybrid system use, which works in conjunction with a new electric motor. The power of the motor has gone up to 70kW, from 53kW in the previous incarnation of the Swace.

New Suzuki Swace

The hybrid system now can deliver a 15% increase in Combined maximum power, going from 122hp to 140hp. This is shown in the reduced time it takes for the Swace to go 0-62mph - now just 9.4 seconds, down from 11.1 before.  

Despite this substantial improvement, there is a minimal impact on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The highly efficient new Swace achieves 62.7 miles to the gallon and emits just 102g/km of carbon. 

Thanks to the higher performing output motor and larger battery capacity, the Swace now has the option of an EV Mode. This means the Swace can be powered solely by its electric motor for short distances at a time. This is ideal for city centre driving when you want to avoid emissions zone charges.

To find out more about how Suzuki Hybrid technology works and the difference between different types of hybrid car, you can click here to read our handy guide.

Hybrid as standard

The full Suzuki range comes hybrid as standard. Now that's Good Different!

Suzuki range

Three other driving modes are available with the simple flick of a switch. Normal mode provides an optimal balance between ride comfort, stability and fuel economy. Eco mode helps the driver accelerate in an eco-friendly manner and enhances efficiency through gradual throttle response and low air conditioning use. 

Sport mode works great on winding roads. It controls the hybrid system to provide quick and powerful acceleration, making it suitable for when agile driving response is required. 

It's not just under the bonnet when the Swace has been further developed. New Bi-LED projector headlights, interior ambient lighting and wireless smartphone charging are just some of the great new aspects of the Ultra model.   

The Motion model is chock-full of tech too, with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, heated front seats, heated steering wheel and new digital instrument cluster all as standard.

New Suzuki Swace
New Suzuki Swace

Three great new advanced driving assist functions have also been added to the Swace. Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) is a newly developed system now fitted as standard that functions while Lane Tracing Assist is active. It helps to monitor the driver to determine if they are inattentive, bringing the vehicle to a stop and activation hazard warning lights if necessary. 

Safe Exit Assist (SEA) uses the same technology as Blind Spot Monitor and triggers a warning if a door is about to be opened into the path of an oncoming vehicle or cyclist that's approaching from the rear when the Swace is stationary. 

Pre-Collision System (PCS) has been updated with a wider range and additional motorcycle detection. PCS helps prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, by monitoring the road ahead to apply braking assist, or even automatic braking if required.